Welcome to my (oh) State of Mine! I have been blogging here for over 5 years now (on and off). I originally wanted to start blogging to cook and share recipes and be able to have a creative outlet. But right when I had started this blog, my then boyfriend-now husband was offered an opportunity with his company to move to New York City! Looking back, it was such an amazing opportunity to be able to live there and somehow not go (completely) broke. At the time I had a job where I worked remotely and traveled a good amount of the year. So this had become a way for me to share my travels and experiences in NYC with friends and family back home – and anyone else who wanted to read along! I love being able to look back and reminisce at that time in our life.

After an AMAZING year in NYC (& our engagement!), we had decided to move back home for other work opportunities. I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss New York everyday, but I am so happy to be home around friends and family – especially now with a little one! I had tried to keep blogging while back in Cleveland, it just became hard when we were not doing as many exciting things. So eventually I stopped. A quick stint in 2014 (about 2 posts) & now back in 2017!

I wanted to make sure I was able to document everything from my pregnancy to everything happen with Ethan so I would not forget and share my experiences! Sort of an e-baby book. As I try to stay on top of the monthly updates, I do plan on being able to get back into cooking, lifestyle, etc. and not every post about baby.

If you have made it through all of that – I am glad you are stopping by! I love hearing from anyone who stops by so please feel free to reach out and let me know what you think! ohstateofmine@gmail.com

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My inspiration came from smitten kitchen – still love all of her recipes. 

My first time to NYC was to move there.

I did not leave the apartment by myself for the first few days.

My first solo venture was to the liquor store a few blocks away 🙂

I used to design my own blog layouts and headers with a free fake Photoshop.