Ashurst Road

We have officially been out of our first home for four and a half months now. I do miss that house dearly, but honestly, not as much as I thought. We have amazing memories in that house but I think knowing that being in that house with Ethan now walking would be a NIGHTMARE. All of the steps and hardwood floors and railings – my god, that kid would have probably fallen down the steps 14 times by now. I also think that we are looking forward to what our future home may hold and all of the ideas and possibilities, it also helps ease the fact that we are currently living with my parents. Now do not get me wrong – we are so thankful and happy they are letting us stay with them while we figure out our next move – it’s just still not your own home. We do have our own little “east wing” with our own kitchen, living room, bed/bath and laundry, so we do have our own separate space.

I did want to share pictures of our first home as it was so unique and amazing. And you can also see that it is not child friendly. At all. I will also not miss carrying groceries to the second level. These pictures are from the listing.

front entry. door to closet, garage and half bath

first floor living room. i will forever miss those windows

see what i mean about the stairs and balconies?

sitting area at top of steps on second floor

bedroom also at top of steps that we made an office, then a cigar room, and then back into an office after baby

dining room

kitchen opening into breakfast nook

ethan’s room on third floor

master bedroom

master bath

backyard (the only good pics i have are from a cinco de mayo party)

will definitely miss the bocce ball court in the back

There is also a full bath right next to Ethan’s room. We were very fortunate to call that our first home and are looking forward to the next one! I will just have to get used to not having live-in babysitters…


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