ethan: twelve months

Baby One Year Old Update

Well… we made it. It is now officially time for me to delete my TimeHop app before I get depressed everyday. I do have to say, leading up to today, I have not been that depressed about Ethan turning one as much as I thought I would be. To see how much he is learning and growing is so exciting, especially to start to see his personality forming. (but I will say, I do feel some baby fever setting in!)

This past month he had another bout of sickness. He started with his eyes watering and runny nose, which I thought was from teething (he had 4 teeth on the top come in!), but then later turned into a fever and cough as well. I eventually took him to the doctor and turns out he had an ear infection and possibly the flu (apparently the doctor wasn’t able to tell me??!). His eyes were so puffy and he was so out of it that he literally was acting like a zombie. It just breaks my heart seeing him like that! Luckily, he turned back to his normal self in a couple of days and it seemed like he was so much older haha!

Speaking of his personality – he is one determined boy! He will do whatever he can to climb on every couch, chair, table or toy box in his sight. Even though he may start screaming when he can’t get it right away, he does not give up! He has also started to show more affection as in crawling up to one of us and laying his head onto us to snuggle.

He is not walking yet (which I am totally ok with!), I just think he would rather climb and go upwards rather than outwards. He is still good at holding on to the table and inching by or moving from the table to the couch etc. He hasn’t stood himself on his own without using an object for support, which I feel like may come first before the walking? We will see!

He is starting to learn more about where certain parts of his body are. He knows exactly where his hair is, where his shoes go, his belly, and to my shock, he seems to find a certain part of his self in the bathtub. Every  time he does it I try to get him to stop, but when his dada is laughing in the corner, that doesn’t help. But he does also know how to high five!

He is still sleeping great through the night. There are some nights where we would get up around 4am screaming! I would give it about 15 minutes to see if he would fall back asleep, but if he doesn’t, I give him a bottle and he goes back to sleep (thank god!). He usually gets a good late morning nap and then sometime still may take a small afternoon nap – depends on how active he is that day.

Eating-wise, still the only food he doesn’t like is mashed sweet potatoes! And rice. The verdict is still out on rice. Anytime he tries a new food he likes, he gives the biggest grin and laughs. It’s so fun to try new foods with him!

Dear Ethan,

Your dad and I love you so much and we could not imagine our life without you! We love watching how much you learn and grow everyday! It’s so crazy how much joy and happiness you have brought into our life and we will make sure to do the same for you. We will ALWAYS be there for anything you may ever need! 

E loves this activity board! (& on SALE!) this picture cracks me up! what a little ham! apparently he inherited my crooked smileE’s first Valentine’s Day!

MONTH ELEVEN FAVORITE PRODUCTS: well basically anything that is not a toy or he shouldn’t be playing with! no matter how many toy remotes or cell phones you have, they will never be the same as the real thing. But I don’t know what I would have done without the boogie wipes this month!

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I hope to continue posting updates on Ethan, just not monthly anymore! I also want to start posting some more lifestyle posts that aren’t solely just about Ethan! Stay tuned 🙂


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