Valentine’s Day: What to Wear

I love Valentine’s Day. I think mainly because it’s right after my birthday, so growing up when stores would start putting Valentine’s Day candy and decorations out – I would feel happy 🙂 I honestly never really celebrated Valentine’s Day with anyone until I met Steve. BUT since it is right after my birthday – the two days get celebrated at once….. does anyone else have their birthday rolled into a holiday? It drives me nuts.

Anywho – Valentine’s Day is just about the only time of the year I get excited to wear pink and red. Otherwise, I’m all about blues and stripes. I love finding something new to wear for VDay. As I was searching I found so many amazing pieces I thought I would share! I also included some loungewear, for those celebrating VDay at home.

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T O P S 

D R E S S E S 

L O U N G E W E A R 

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?


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