farewell first home


I’m very thankful that our house sold so quickly – that’s what we wanted! But it went from keeping the house super clean for showings (cleaning every morning ) and running around like mad men (taking Ethan to his sitters instead of them coming over every morning and picking him up) to fixing inspection items and packing (boxes EVERYWHERE!). So I feel like we never really got to have a proper ‘last night’ or ‘farewell’ in our house that we loved so much. I’m not sure what that night would entail – most likely with some wine & cheese and sharing our favorite memories.

I really hope the new buyers love it as much as we do and enjoy everything we worked on (especially the bocce court). As much as I will miss our first home, all I can think about is how excited I am to find our future home where we can make new memories and grow our family! And have a bigger garage, closets, pantry, open kitchen….. you know all that good stuff 🙂 

Stay tuned as I will be sharing photos from our house! Want to make sure we can remember our first home!


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