ethan: ten months

WUT. How is he now in the double digits of months! I hate when everyone says “it goes so fast!”, I know it does – and I want it to stop! This month has been so crazy with moving (more to come on that), holidays and family in town, I am looking forward to winding down and spending some quality time with Ethan!

E is still loving just about any type of food that we give him. The only thing so far that he has not liked is mashed sweet potatoes! We had give him a lemon to see if reaction and he loved it and was mad when I had taken it away from him! He LOVES raspberries!

He is so curious and inquisitive it makes you think what is going on in his head! I’m sure every parent say this – but he is just so smart! To see how he quickly figures out to move or open any obstacle or door in his way is so fascinating to watch! He still only has his two bottom teeth, but I have a feeling more will be popping in soon!

No walking yet – but he is getting more confident in walking along the coffee table. There are times I even catch him standing by himself for a few seconds. I am so excited to eventually see him take his first steps, but I’m not going to lie, I don’t know if I’m ready for it!


  • sent out our first family christmas card
  • loves cheesing at the camera flash
  • can tell you what sound a lion makes
  • walks (more like runs) with the push learning walker
  • met Santa
  • had his first “Happy Meal”
  • learned some hockey skills from his Uncle Jimmie
  • went to his first Kubec Christmas

new Nike’s from his Uncle Jimmie

MONTH TEN FAVORITE PRODUCTS: As you can see we still love the muslin blankets. And these Winnie the Pooh ones are my favorites. This vest has been great in the winter to keep him warm in his car seat. (I actually ordered ours of Poshmark for cheaper – they do have a good amount of used baby Patagonia. Use code RKUBEC for $5 off your first order!)

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