ethan: eleven months

Here we are: the second to last monthly update! And I’ll tell you what – this month was one of the hardest. This month Ethan had a few colds and a stomach bug. Luckily, the stomach bug didn’t involve any vomiting, but, the amount of blowouts this kid had – he basically needed a bath 3 times a day. He was his normal self during the stomach bug, but when he had the cold – he was just so out of it and not himself. Although, I did not mind all of the extra cuddles and naps together. We ended up taking Ethan to the doctor at one point – the fever had gone away but his cough kept getting worse and I was worried he would have pneumonia or something. It’s hard not to think of the worst case scenario. But the doctor’s had told us it was just a cold, no need for the medicine. Just keep sucking the boogers out and sleep with a humidifier. I did have E nap a couple times in his car seat so he would be sitting up and that seemed to help too.

Another thing that I am starting to notice with Ethan are the temper tantrums starting. He will either stiffen his whole body up or throw himself forward or backwards – while screaming. And I do not like this one bit. It scares me.

Ethan has been doing great standing up and moving from the table to couch etc. A few times he has been standing on his own for a few seconds! With this also comes many bumps and bruises on his head. I swear one day he bumped his head 5 times….. I should probably get a helmet for this child. So Ethan has always done a little “bark” when he hears or sees Grady, but now he does it out of the side of his mouth where he looks like a pirate… E is also very into books right now. Especially looking at the same one over, and over, and over again. I think I’ve said “Goodnight Gorilla” about 45,673 times so far. (I have also started hiding certain books under couch cushions so we could try something new)


  • celebrated his first Christmas! (the one big gift we had bought for him had ended up in storage from the move and realized Christmas morning I didn’t have it for him! I felt like the worst mom ever)
  • as well as his first NYE
  • standing on his own for a few seconds at a time
  • learned to say “night-night”

E got a Red Wagon for Christmas! Dada’s turn reading Goodnight Gorilla!

MONTH ELEVEN FAVORITE PRODUCTS: with all the baths we had this month, Ethan LOVED this bubble machine (similar) we got for Christmas! He was so mesmerized with the bubbles, he actually sat still for once! And don’t forget the baby Tylenol – between the fever and the teething, a dose in his bottle before bedtime is helpful for all parties!

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