our first family christmas card

I have to say – I was SO happy to finally be able to send Christmas cards out this year! I love receiving cards from friends and family and getting to see their family photos every year. I always thought about sending cards pre-Ethan but I just never really saw the point (or was just too lazy to get to it). Knowing this year would be different, I was so pumped to have our pictures taken by Maria and create a card on Minted with our favorites (it was hard to pick!)

I had a hard time figuring out exactly where I wanted to take the pictures. We have a fake tree, so no point in going to a tree farm. We already had Ethan’s newborn photos taken at our house (and just recently sold our house so no point in putting decorations up). I wanted something different with more of a ‘city’ feel so I immediately thought of the West Side Market. It is one of our favorite places to go and is so beautiful inside. And while we were there, we could stock up on some of our favorites – double win.It had a hard time just picking one photo so I decided on this card. I kept the back empty as I wanted to be able to hand write notes as well (and honestly because it was also cheaper).

I thought it would be so cute if we could find a stand that sold Gingerbread cookies and take pictures of Ethan holding/eating it. No luck finding that, but there was the most adorable Cookie Monster macaroon that we would try instead. Well…. as soon as it hit his lips, everything turned blue. His hands and mouth were all bright blue. Luckily, we were able to wash it off his face and it didn’t stain. #momfail

Ethan’s wearing:

my brother’s shirt from when he was a baby! similar here – on SALE!| jeans | shoes | socks

I’m wearing:

top | jeans

Steve’s wearing:

pullover | watch


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