ethan: nine months

Well… Ethan has officially been on the outside longer than the inside! This past 9 months went waaayyy faster than those first nine 🙂 (especially since I am writing this post late)

I will say this past month it is CRAZY how much keeps changing and how quick he is growing and learning! It seems like everyday now I notice something different and start seeing his personality form. It really feels like he is actually comprehending things that we are saying; He’s not just a cute little baby blob anymore! The way his face lights up when Steve gets home or sees him first thing in the morning is the best! And even says “da-da” as soon as he sees him too! We had his 9 month checkup and he is now 28.5 inches long (57th percentile) and 20lbs 9oz (65th percentile).

He is no longer just army crawling, he is crawling on his hands and knees now – full speed ahead. If there is a wire or cord or something he should not be touching, he is determined to get to it and will not give up. Still pulling up on everything, and now crawling up steps! This kid as no fear! He attempts to go down the steps, head first, but luckily only where there are 2 steps – not the whole staircase.

He loves Grady and even does a little bark when he sees him. It’s just the quietest little “buh”. Anytime E see’s a flash to a camera, he scrunches up his face to the cutest little smile with his eyes closed and 2 little teeth showing.

This kid has still been sleeping great! Still likes to go down around 6:30-7pm and gets up 6-6:30ish am. Usually takes a morning nap and a long afternoon nap. Food-wise – we are currently on the last of my frozen breast milk supply 🙁 and still using formula as well. He still loves pouches and those little puffs and biscuits they make as well. I try not to give him too much but he’s loves snacking like his mother. Otherwise, I usually give him what we are eating. So far there has not been anything he has not liked! He also loves soup and went nuts when I gave him tomato soup. That or he just enjoys being spoon fed.

Ethan’s nine month highlights:

+ first Halloween! We didn’t go anywhere but he was the Stay Puft man from Ghostbusters

+ first Thanksgiving! We had to celebrate the Sunday before as we were out of town on Thanksgiving day

+ more “mamas” and “dadas”


pants here


love this cart cover – especially now with everyone getting sick!

high chair / bib

MONTH NINE FAVORITE PRODUCTS: I will say that these wipes are my favorite. now with Ethan is eating more food, his hands and face get messy. These can be used on face, hands, tush, everywhere as they are 99% water and 1% fruit extract.

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