what’s in a name?

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Before I even got pregnant, Steve and I both knew that we would not find out the sex until the baby was born. So when it came to names, I have always had a running list on my phone where I would keep baby names that I have heard and liked for whenever that day would come (I wish I could see when I actually created the note… my guess is as far back as 2010!)

So fast forward to October of last year, we knew we were having a baby, and we happened to be going out for Steve’s birthday dinner. I had told Steve a few days before to make a list of 4-5 boy names and girl names and then at dinner we would sit down and exchange and hopefully have a name picked!

We started off by sharing our boy names (instinctively thinking it was going to be a boy), and we both had Ethan at the top of our list! It was such a relief that we actually both could agree on a boy name. Now when it came to girl names…. we could not have been any more different. So completely different that we decided to save that conversation for another day.

That ‘another day’ happened to be the night before Ethan was born. I was laying in the delivery room feeling great on my epidural, Steve was laying on the couch texting me girl names. I didn’t like any of them but at the same time I still felt like we were having a boy so I wasn’t going to stress about it until and if we had to. And as you can see – we did not have to!

Now – if you are reading this and do have a little one on the way or just have a note on your phone of names for the future, I’m going to tell you a great place for names. Minted Birth Announcements. I would browse this website all of the time and I loved the names they had on the birth announcements! Not only do you get great name ideas, you also get to looks at pictures of adorable babies!  I did not send any birth announcements out, but if I did, I would probably choose this one:

found here

How did you pick names for you baby? Does anyone else have a running list on their phone?


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