ethan: eight months

Eight months and I already feel like Ethan is so much older! He is still crawling, mostly army crawl status, but has taken a few strides on his knees! And this little man is pulling up on EVERYTHING! He’s gotten super confident and really good at it – but there are those times where all of a sudden he has another bump on his head! But after 2 minutes, he is just ready to do it all over again!

The past few months, it was sort of a tie of who Ethan most resembled, but lately everyone has been saying he looks more like Steve 🙁 Which of course is not a bad thing, I just liked hearing that he looks like me!

In month eight, Ethan has finally gotten his first tooth!!! It poked out right on the bottom and it feels like the second bottom one will be popping out any day now. Luckily, I do not think the teeth have been bothering him too much. There are some days he naps longer than usually, but at this point I’m not even sure what is supposed to be happening! Sleep has still been consistent. He turns into a pumpkin around 7pm and then will sleep to about 5-6am. My biggest struggle right now is he always wakes up wet! Since he sleeps on his stomach, the diaper gets pushed down and then all comes out. I did buy size 4 nighttime diapers, and the first night I used them he woke up dry… but it has been touch and go since then! If anyone has any advice on this – it would be greatly appreciated 🙂 And I guess if anyone is offering advice… are sleep sack’s necessary? What is the main goal of them? I use one sometimes. Then it gets soaked and I don’t do the laundry right away so I won’t use it again for a couple of days.

E is still mainly eating a mix of breastmilk and formula. I did start to add an Oatmeal Infant Cereal to his nighttime bottle, to hopefully keep him full through the night. I also started buying pouches to give to him so he can start getting more flavors and nutrients in his body. He loves these (and pumpkin is is favorite! how basic). I also like that they are see-through. After seeing so many Facebook videos about moldy pouches 😐 I am still trying the Baby Led Weaning (which is anti-pouch), but anytime I put food in front of him he grabs it, throws his hands over his head and eventually drops it on the ground for Grady. So anything smaller I will just feed to him.

It truly is amazing (& scary!) how quick he is growing an learning. Waving is still his go to move. He is obsessed with lights and ceiling fans. And I’m pretty sure he is saying mama 🙂

Ethan’s eight month highlights:

  • first sleepover with his cousins, Elliot & Lincoln
  • had a mini photo shoot session (more on that soon!)
  • pulled himself up in his crib – had to lower!
  • first tooth

high chair // bib (both great for BLW!) 

carrier // teething necklace// sweater

MONTH EIGHT FAVORITE PRODUCTS: anytime I would go to grab E in the morning, his legs would be sticking out the sides of the crib. after reading that bumpers were illegal in Ohio, I had found this breathable mesh liner. With E always on the move & a not so baby-friendly house, this has been a lifesaver! He loves playing in here and of course, pulling himself up on it. And within that yard, he loves this play table to pull up on and press all of the buttons.

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