ethan: three months


So Ethan has made it to the three month mark! I can hardly stand how big he is getting! A few days before he turned three months I had my return to work… that was not easy. Luckily, my company and boss have been super helpful with me and my transition and being able to work a few days from home. The days I am in the office, my mom comes over to watch Ethan. It’s great knowing he is in great hands and not have to pack him up to go in the mornings.

With going back to work, Ethan is now eating both breastmilk and formula equally. With now having to pump more than usual, I don’t have a great supply pumping so I do need to supplement with formula at times. I was able to build a little bit of a freezer stock when I was on leave, so that definitely helps.

He has still been sleeping through the nights most nights. Every so often he may get up around 3am and after a quick soothing, he’ll fall back asleep for a few hours. So every night around 6:30-7pm, Ethan hits a wall and it’s bed time. What’s funny is, if he stays up any longer than that, you would think he would sleep longer into the morning…. Nope. We do still have him in the DockATot in the crib. Now when we get him in the mornings, he wiggles all the way down to the bottom of the crib.

Ethan’s three month highlights:

    • rolled over front to back ! (April 25)
    • so close to roll over back to front
    • holding head up
    • celebrated my first mother’s day

MONTH THREE FAVORITE PRODUCTS: still loving the DockATot per usual. Ethan has finally started to enjoy and grab at his play mat. these little booties are so cute and are the best because they never fall off! and for building a milk freezer stock – these have been great. (nifty tip: when filling these freezer bags, use your pump shield as a funnel)

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