ethan: seven months

Seven months and we are now closer to being one year! How can this be?! I can say that I think this past month I have seen the most changes. This little guy is now sitting up on his own and CRAWLING. I repeat, crawling. More like an army crawl… but he can make his way across the room quickly. I am not prepared for this. But it is so stinking cute mid-crawl when he stops and does a little George Costanza pose to make sure you’re still watching him.

Sleep has still been standard. Still going to bed around 7pm and getting up around 5:30am. I do still have him in his DockATot in the crib with the white noise machine in a little sleep sack. By 5:30am, he is usually down at the bottom of his crib on his stomach. I thought I would try putting him to bed just in his crib without the DockATot, but that led to him rolling right to the bottom and getting stuck and crying. So I’m thinking I will just continue to use the DAT until he is grown out of it. I’m hoping I don’t have to buy the bigger one (even though you I kind of want to).

E is still eating mostly formula with a few bottles a week of breast milk. I have not given him any “cereal” or anything of those first food things. Right when he was born, I read up on Baby Led Weaning and I was really interested in what that entailed and how it would help baby become a more confident eater. I’m hoping to do a post solely on that and my experience soon – stay tuned! Until then, this book is a great resource.

Ethan’s seven month highlights:

  • first Brown’s game!
  • he is constantly making noises and talking (a lot of bla-bla’s and almost what sound like da-da’s. I immediately correct him to say mama 🙂
  • waving! and I swear saying hi – I think that officially might be his first word
  • had his first cold 🙁  (not really a highlight but he was a trooper!)

pajamas (similar)

ethan’s pants

baby sunglasses

ethan’s pants

ethan’s pants / my top

MONTH SEVEN FAVORITES: this teething necklace is my favorite right now! E is always pulling on my regular necklace, so wearing this when I’m holding him is so great. He also loves this book with all the little tails to put in his mouth.  We do have this white noise machine for when Ethan sleeps in his room, but this one is awesome for traveling.

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