ethan: five months

Five months and this little man is on the move! As soon as you lay this guy down on his back he immediately rolls onto his stomach! He is getting better about rolling back onto his back, but there are a few times he gets frustrated and needs a little assistance. Need to watch him very carefully when he’s on the changing table or our bed. Lord knows how many times I have gotten this boy dressed upside down! He is into everything and loves watching Grady walk around. He is so happy and smiley, I love every second with him. He’s not quite sitting up on his own yet, he can do it for a few seconds but then ends up tipping right over.

Right before Ethan was born, we bought a full length mirror that we put into his nursery. Lately, he loves staring at himself in it and grabbing at it as much as he can. Tiny fingerprints everywhere. Sometimes he gets so excited he then buries his face into my cheek and my heart melts. I bought one of those jumpers from a local FB group and he finally started getting into the jumping aspect and he loves it! As well as a walker. At first he would only go backwards, but it did not take him long to start going forward and going right towards Grady.

He still loves snuggling his blankets and bringing everything to his mouth. He will grab at anything we have in our hands – especially our phones and glasses!

Ethan’s five month highlights:

  • first trip to West Side Market & Little Italy
  • many more pool days
  • rolling over – constantly!
  • taking a few naps on his stomach

I really need to stop being lazy and start uploading pictures from my camera!


ETHAN’s MONTH FIVE FAVORITES: this bathtub has been perfect for every stage (pictured above)! (writing this currently at E almost 7 months, he is now using the sitting up part and loves splashing in it!) this chair has been great to put ethan in – he loves bouncing himself in it and being upwards! & cannot forget the drool bib bandanas  – no teeth yet but major drool!


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