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As I sit here writing this post (one day before Ethan’s two month birthday), I am trying to recall all the memories and happenings of his first month of life. I can truly say that during that first month, there were a lot of lessons learned, but I always felt that I was meant to be his mom. Steve was able to be home with me for the first week and half. When he went back to work, I really had no problem doing things on my own.

Ethan’s first month was fantastic! We are so lucky to say that we have had no issues with breastfeeding, illness or anything. A few gassy moments – but that seems to be the norm at this point. We had to supplement with formula for a few days while we were out of town, and luckily when we got back, he had no problem latching on again. I did have a bit of the baby blues myself – I would get really sad in the fact that he was getting bigger. I wanted him to stay that tiny forever. Luckily that has passed and I love to see him grow and all the new actions he learns everyday. (ehhh, as I re-read this as I post it a few months later, it’s safe to say that theses baby blues come and go)

At his first doctor’s appointment, Ethan had dropped down to 7 pounds 1 ounce and had a bit of jaundice, but nothing bad. When we went back a week later, he weighed in at 7 pounds 15.5 ounces! So there was no need for us to come back until his two month appointment. Actually the most stressful moment I had with Ethan happened on the day of his second appointment. I was taking him by myself, which was no problem, but of course it decided to blizzard that day. I got him in the car, got to the doctor’s office and found a parking spot right by the door. I go to get his car seat out and I cannot get it out. Note: Steve had been the only one to take him out before. So I hop in the backseat and try everything. Of course I start crying. I call Steve but he cannot pickup because he had a conference that morning. I was about to just go home and live in the car with Ethan until Steve came home and blame my absence on the storm. But once I realized I was pulling the lever on the wrong side, I got him out and life was good again, besides the snow.

Ethan had no issues mixing up his days and night, but we did experiment with a few different things to see what would get the best sleep out of him. First, just the bassinet, then the Rock’n Play, then the DockATot in the bassinet. The Rock’n Play and the DockATot were definitely the best. When we were at the hospital, the nurses had said the new thing was to swaddle him with his arms out. We did that the first couple weeks and one night I swaddled him with his arms in just to see and he had a good 4 hour stretch of sleep! So we have continued to keep his arms swaddled in.

Also, Grady has been great with Ethan. He mainly tries to lick him and just run away. I think it’s safe to say that the baby has calmed him down a bit. Until anyone comes over…

A few highlights from Ethan’s first month:

  • his first bath at home – no tears! He mainly just looks unsure the whole time.
  • first time out of the house that wasn’t the doctor’s office was to my parents house
  • lost his umbilical cord one week after birth
  • he is very chatty in the mornings
  • he got to meet his bff Ben
  • we visited Steve at work and went to lunch after. Ethan’s first bar = Parma Tavern
  • had his first sleepover at Uncle Scott & Aunt Cheryl’s with us
  • got his picture hung up at Captain Tony’s next to our wedding picture

FAVORITE ONE MONTH PRODUCTS: as mentioned above the DockATot¬†and Rock’n Play. This podster is the absolute BEST! It was a gift from one of Steve’s coworkers and we use it every single day. So great to have something to put him in anytime I needed to get anything done and I knew he would be safe. Ethan loved in has slept many hours in. I highly recommend! Also, the magnetic sleepers are a huge help for all the late night changes.

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