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I will start off this post by saying I am very fortunate that I had a great pregnancy. I was never sick nor had any major complications. But with that said – those 8.5 months were NOT fun (one vacation and five weddings).

Steve and I had decided last Spring that we would not start trying for a baby, but not prevent that from happening either. We had a great time when the weather got nice: enjoying our backyard, drinks on patios and Memorial Day weekend up at Marblehead.

Let’s not forget June 19th. Since June 19th was Father’s Day, we spent the afternoon with my family on a pontoon on Portage Lakes. A beautiful day to enjoy some boat drinks. We then made our way downtown to Hooples to watch game 7 of the Cavs. We were able to snag a table right in front of the projection on the bridge and celebrate that amazing win with friends.

Fast forward to that following Thursday when the hangover just about wore off, Steve and I were sitting on our back patio and he had said to me that he had a feeling that I may be pregnant and I should take a test. I wanted no part of it – I drink so much green tea during the day, I told Steve it is probably best if I took the test in the morning. But Steve got his way, I went and took the test, we both checked the results and oh my gosh, we are having a baby!! To be honest, my reaction was “Oh, shit.” And then I went back downstairs, took one last sip of the wine I had just poured and then dumped the rest out. My due date was February 21st, 2017.

We had both agreed that we were not going to find out the sex of the baby. Anytime we ever told anyone that, people always said “Oh, I could never do that!”. But honestly, throughout my whole pregnancy, it never bothered me. Except, when we were at the ultrasound and the answer was right in front of us!! I also think, that if I knew what the sex was – I would have spent wayyy too much money online shopping (especially if it was a girl – omg there are SO many cute girls clothes!). Steve and I both thought it was going to be a boy. The first baby thing I bought were a pair of pineapple swim trunks on sale – hoping my boy theory would stand 🙂

I tried to document my bump, but I didn’t start until 20 weeks when I started showing.

The last picture was 3 days before I gave birth. 


I gained a total of 30 pounds during pregnancy. I was also very fortunate to have a sister-in-law close in size and she gave me a lot of clothes so I did not have to buy much. As for pregnancy cravings: besides craving everything I couldn’t have (sushi, deli sandwiches, and blue cheese), my only weird craving was Ramen noodles. But Ramen noodles without the soup part. Just cooked and lathered in butter. I went through a lot of Kerrygold through those 9 months. Now 2 days before my due date I did have a Dave’s Cosmic Sub (Dave’s Original) and I do believe that is what may have started my labor.




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