back again

Well… third time’s a charm, right? Let’s give this blog a try again.

I really never wanted to stop blogging. I will say it was a lot easier to blog while we were living in Manhattan. Every day and weekend was a new experience and it was great to share that on here. I am thankful that I did do that, because it has been great to look back on here and relive those adventures. I tried to blog again when we were back in Cleveland. But when every weekend was spent at the Treehouse… it wouldn’t be that exciting.

With a brand new adventure recently taking over our lives, I wanted to be able to document everything again. It is crazy how fast time goes and how much you already forget month after month. (Note: Pregnancy time does not go fast. Pregnancy time is like treadmill minutes vs. snooze minutes).

So here we go again! There are still a lot of housekeeping items I want to do such as switch to WordPress, get a new look, remembering how all of this works, etc., but let’s be honest, Ethan will probably be 2 years old by the time all of that is done.

But for now – I just want to make sure to remember every moment of this amazing life.

photo courtesy of Wild Rosemary Photography

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