may 2014

Hello there!

Shout out to anyone who stops by!

It kills me that this blog has fallen behind the back burner on my list of priorities, but hopefully these little monthly recaps will get me back into the spirit again. Ever since we’ve moved back to Cleveland, it had been non-stop. And we just seem to keep adding more things to our plate! (But they’re good things!)

+  work trip to Chicago at the beginning of the month

+  spent Monther’s day in Kent and took a photo in the spot where Steve proposed

+  homemade pizza’s – can you tell which is hers and which is his?

+  memorial day weekend up in Marblehead

+  the front door to our NEW HOUSE!! eeek! told you there’s a lot on our plate

+  celebrating Stephanie’s bridal shower! (they’re also my two maid of honors)

Looking forward to the rest of June! Fingers crossed my wedding will be all planned by next month…. HA! 


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  1. June 12, 2014 / 2:47 am

    aw such happy photos!! it's totally hard to keep up with blogging when life speeds up! that is for sure!!

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