our pilgrimage to brooklyn

This past weekend was quite a relaxing one being back in the city. Friday night we just stayed in and watched the movie “Mud” with Matthew McConaughey – I liked it a lot and recommend it.

Then Saturday we decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, since I have yet to ever step foot in Brooklyn, this seemed like the right way to do it.

It was hot and crowded and chuck taylor’s were the wrong choice in shoes for the day. But the views were amazing. No matter where you are in the city, I swear the views get better and better.

Once we made it over the bridge, we had no idea where to go and ended up going into a couple stores in Dumbo. I wanted to buy everything in the West Elm Market, including this tote:


And then ended our adventure by indulging in pizza, beer and ice cream. You know, just being extremely healthy.





(shout out to Steve for this awesome picture from inside the ice cream shop)


The rest of the evening, we visited with friends in Astoria to celebrate the engagement by eating sushi, playing Cards Against Humanity and me beating everyone in Blackjack – too bad I don’t have that kind of luck in Vegas….


Have a great week!


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