four years ago…

This guy and I made our relationship official on the patio at The Attic in Bowling Green..


(If anyone is familiar with BGSU, you’ll notice a delish cran/pineapple Legal Joint from Brathaus appearing bottom left)


Let’s rewind back to that May of 2009.


I was about to enter finals week of my junior year at Bowling Green, when I came home to Cleveland for the weekend. At the time, my brother still lived in Cleveland. That night he was going over to one of our friends house to, honestly, do some drinking.


We were over there, having a great time, probably playing some MurderBall, when someone said that Steve was going to stop by.


(We all went to the same high school, but Steve was 3 years older in my brother’s class, so I really don’t remember much.)


Then he showed up. In his white polo hat and the most amazing curls coming out from underneath. I was already smitten. I do remember sending a picture of him to one of my girl friends – only if I still had that picture!


We then made the call to go down to Kent State, where Steve was finishing school and still lived. For the rest of the night I tried to be my cool self, drinking Molsons, beating the high score in Erotic PhotoHunt and probably dancing everywhere. And the night ended by me making my moves on Steve and beating him at darts.


A week later, I was back at BG, studying with my roommates on our front porch (probably drinking) and all of a sudden I got a text message from my brother telling me that Steve had called him and asked him for my phone number. Twenty or so minutes later I got a text from Steve and it all started from there!


And now we can say that as of August 2nd we are


We could not be more excited!


Our pictures from that day just arrived in the mail today and I cannot wait to share our engagement story and pictures with you!


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