A ‘staycation’ Saturday in NYC

After a couple weekends of either of us being out of town, this past weekend we were ready to explore the city – with the help of the gorgeous weather. Before the weekend even came, Steve had told me that he already had Saturday planned and would not tell me any of the plans. I do like surprises, but at the same time I hate not knowing things – so I’m not sure if that makes any sense.


Anyways, after a nice pancake breakfast and figuring out what to wear on this mystery adventure, we were ready to go. Our first stop on the mystery tour was…


The High Line


After a quick walk along the Hudson River, we ended up at our next stop (which is my new favorite place in the city)…

The Frying Pan

I really didn’t want to leave that place, but after walking around Chelsea for a bit we headed to the last planned stop on Steve’s tour:

The Hester Street Fair


After indulging in some amazing grilled cheese and a brand new scarf purchase, we spent the rest of the day just walking around stopping anywhere we wanted!

Bar on the Lower East Side with a $5 shot and beer special.. of course.

Walking by and noticed how amazing this VW van was and how it stands out from the typical cars.

New sunglasses and a stop at The Malt House for a Mint Julep & watch the Derby.

Let’s just say the night ended like this: the next stop was a bar where we heard a guy singing amazing songs, met a tourist from France who we dragged along with us all night, and then ended up at the Jimmy rooftop bar with sun burnt faces and tennis shoes on. But at least I had my new scarf 🙂


Needless to say, after Sunday Brunch, the rest of our weekend was spent relaxing and ordering our Cinco de Mayo meal in.


But, it was most definitely my favorite day I’ve had in New York City.

Thank you Steve!



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