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Happy Wednesday!

A couple weekends ago I was very lucky to make a last-minute trip home to Cleveland to surprise my mom for her birthday weekend. I lucked out with cheap plane tickets, but when it came to travel day, the delays out of all NYC airports were about 4 hours. My original flight didn’t land into Cleveland until 2 am, when originally I was supposed to land at 10 pm. Thankfully, United was able to book me on an earlier flight, which got delayed as well. I ended up at home at 10 pm anyways.

When I landed in CLE, my Nana picked me up from the airport and drove me to the bar my whole family was watching a band. My mom had no idea I was coming in town, only my dad. Since it was getting late and it was quite a drive from the airport, luckily my cousin Mike found out and kept everyone there until we got there.

My mom was so surprised, she started crying and of course I started crying. It was so awesome to surprise her. Of course she loved having her favorite child home 😉

The next day, the whole family got together again for a day around Ohio City – the West Side Market and brewery hopping (what else would you expect?)

I can’t believe how BIG she has gotten since her christening!


This past weekend (Easter weekend), Steve and I were able to take a short bus trip up to Boston to visit with his brother, sister-in-law and their kiddos. It was so nice of them to host us for the weekend & also to see how big their little ones have got!

Thanks again Ken & Michelle for having us!




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