a weekend back in nyc

After the rain finally went away, it turned out to be a great weekend to finally be home with no where to go. And I was able to cross off my weekend bucket list from Friday’s post!



1 // beautiful blooms on my Saturday morning run through Central Park

2 // picking up fresh flowers on my walk home from the park

3 // going to need to get a bigger fruit bowl

4 // my first juicing experience — more on that soon!



5 // later that afternoon, met friends in the East Village for drinks

6 // light or dark @ McSorely’s

7 // calling this place a sports bar is an understatement @ Standings

8 // amazing burger sliders and french fries @ Mark



After more cocktails, we came to our place to find a menu for the “hottest curry in the world” (Man vs. Food did this challenge here). This stuff was not messing around. No milk was available, so a white Russian seemed to be a close second. Also, FaceTime – ing friends in Cleveland so they can take part in the torture as well. But, Steve finished it!! He got his certificate and free bottle of beer.



Finally on Sunday, we started the day off with a homemade brunch. The menu consisted of:

— mimosa’s with fresh orange and grapefruit juice from the juicer

— regular and blueberry pancakes

— scrambled eggs

— English muffins with pancetta

— fresh fruit

— and of course, bacon.


Then finished the day doing walking around doing some shopping and watched this amazing sight happen:


two of my favorites!



Hope everyone has a great week ahead!


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