wish list: trip home

This week I will be heading back home for the first time in what seems like forever. It’s really strange not being at an airport for over a month, when my year has been in and out of airports.  I am very excited to see family, and a lot of friends from out of town! And also very excited to get my hands on some Great Lakes Christmas Ale – we have yet to find any in Manhattan.

For this trip I thought I’d share my wish list for the trip home tomorrow. For me when I fly, I try to dress as comfortable as possible without looking like a bum – you never know who you may run into! Also, clothing and shoes that get you through security as fast as possible. Slip on’s are a definite must, also anything that keeps your feet warm.. those planes can get real cold. Which is also why I think a scarf is handy, to double as a blanket or a pillow to ease your neck.

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