weekend in Boston

Three weekends ago, (didn’t realize it was that long since I posted) Steve and I went up to Boston to visit his brother and sister-in-law to celebrate christenings and birthdays. After a quick bus ride of catching up on Breaking Bad episodes, we arrived Friday afternoon and visited with the rest of Steve’s family that all just got in as well.

All the ladies with new baby Nora

The Kubec men


Saturday afternoon was the christening’s followed by more family time. It also happened to be gorgeous outside that weekend!

Sunday we celebrated Carter’s 2nd birthday at the Boston Children’s Museum.



 Steve and I explored the museum and walked across the bridge to check out the Tea Party Museum store and enjoyed some Liberty tea and hot apple cider.

And we ended the trip with a little too much fun with a “Magic Wigglee”..



Tell me after watching the commercial for it you wouldn’t want to buy one too



It was such a great weekend to get away from the city and see everyone! Looking forward to see everyone again soon!


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