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Linking up with Ashley for Friday’s Letters

Dear December: I cannot believe you are here tomorrow, but glad you are. I am actually looking forward to partaking in all winter holiday goodness there is to offer. Especially the Target for Neiman Marcus collaboration. Even though I have a feeling their website will go down like it did for the Target/Missoni sale.

Dear Steve: I know we’ve spent time apart when I travel for work, but since we moved in together being away has been harder & I’m excited to get back! And I bet you’re even more excited to not have turkey sandwiches every night for dinner.

Dear Olivia: I am so blessed to become your Godmother on Sunday. It is such an honor and I promise to always be there for you for everything. I love you so much!

Dear Nordstrom: I see your sneaky ways of posting your ads all over every website & sending me six catalogs a day – but I will stay strong and not use my Nordstrom card until it is paid off (wish me luck!)

Dear Mom & Dad: It was nice to live like we were roommates again. Thank you for everything and don’t worry I’ll be back soon! Love you!

Dear Santa: You will be receiving my wish list soon.

Dear New Followers: Thank you so much for stopping by and following! Hopefully that means I’m doing something right in this blog world! Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions 🙂


Have a cozy weekend everyone!


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