before the storm

Friday before the storm we decided to have a real crazy night and pick up some things at Home Depot. After finally finding what we needed for our little projects, we came across a Yucca plant that was cool and inexpensive so we decided to get it. We also didn’t plan to buy this plant on a Friday during rush hour downtown NYC. So getting a cab was out of the question. We then turned into those people on the subway with crazy items…


…and then carry it all the way back to our apartment.


Saturday we did some exploring downtown again (usually means ending up by Union Square going to Nordstrom Rack and DSW) and ended up at McSorley’s Old Ale House. If you have never heard of McSorley’s, they only serve light or dark beers that they brew in their basement. No wine, no liquor.. just light or dark beer.



That night we made the executive decision to go out in the Meatpacking District with some friends since we didn’t know how long we might be stuck inside after hurricane Sandy. Here are a few pictures from our first stop at the Hotel Gansevoort.




Tomorrow I will be linking up with Katie for Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.  to show you one of our little apartment projects!




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