steve’s birthday

Last year for Steve’s birthday I wanted to surprise him and take him to a restaurant that he enjoyed at the Silver Spoon Awards the year before that. But as soon as he got in the car he guessed exactly where I picked. So this year being able to plan a night out in NYC, I knew I could surprise him.

After a train ride down the West Village, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Tremont. When I was searching for restaurants, I saw “Tremont” pop up and had to click on it, to only find this on their website:



..and knew that this would be the perfect place. The food was delicious. Here is a little view:


Can never have enough Gnocchi


The birthday boy




The next stop was my original plan for his birthday. The name of the bar was called Bar & Books. It is a whiskey and cigar bar that on the inside looks like a dark, old library out of a James Bond movie.




We ended the night with a few games of darts at the bar down the street and Steve trying to put red wine in his new Soda Stream (which did not end well in a mostly white apartment)!



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